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Volunteers and internships

You can get involved by becoming a volunteer or intern in the Multicultural Center Prague.

We are happy when volunteers help us with cultural and educational events, public education campaigns, processing of data from seminars and conferences, distribution, etc.
If you are interested, please write to support@mkc.cz

Short-term and long-term internships in the Multicultural Center Prague are available to interested Czech and foreign students. Interns can focus on one of the areas of our activities including multicultural education, www.migraceonline.cz  or day-to-day operation of an NGO. Czech interns must speak English (or German or French) while knowledge of Czech is an advantage for foreign students.

Internships range in length from six weeks to one year. Upon completion, interns receive a certificate and evaluation. While details of internship are agreed together with interns, we need you to contact us at least two months in advance. Internships are unpaid and we cannot provide transport or accommodation. If you are interested, please write to:

Information CenterPhone: +420 296 325 345support@mkc.cz