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Multicultural education

In our educational projects designed both for experts and the general public, we strive to develop intercultural competencies of individuals and organizations in the Czech Republic. We try to work with individuals and institutions so that they help create the right environment for a functioning pluralistic society in the Czech Republic.

Prevention of Xenophobia and Support of Civil Society in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The educational project aims on increasing capacities of teachers at secondary schools and activization of young people and prevention of ethnonationalism.

It is situated in Hercegovina-Neretva Canton, esp. the cities of Mostar, Jablanica, Stolac, Prozor-Rama, Čitluk, Čapljina etc., and in the etnically divided schools (two schools under one roof, as well as the monoethnical schools.

The project activities are thus targeted on teachers of secondary schools, concretely on providing them with tools on inclusive education so that they have concrete methods that can be used in schools.

Methodological Book for Teachers of Last Grades of Primary School and Secondary Schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina can be downloaded here.

The duration of the project: January 2014 – December 2014.

Project coordinator: Lucie Bilderová

E-mail: lucie.bilderova@mkc.cz 

The project is run by Multicultural Centre Prague in collaboration with Nansen Dialogue Centar Mostar and it is supported by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic in the framework of Transition Promotion Programme. 

Comprehensive GDE training for teachers - La Ngonpo II

The „Comprehensive GDE Training for Teachers“ project, so called La Ngonpo II, started in 2012 and shares not only the name but also the focus on global development education (GDE) with the initial Czech-Indian educational project La Ngonpo. The project’s main goals are to improve qualifications of elementary and secondary school teachers in GDE and multicultural education, and to raise public awareness of development issues in the Czech Republic through debates and the documentary film Out of Dreams.

La Ngonpo II in 2012

One-day Courses for Teachers

In 2012, Multicultural Centre Prague organized a series of educational and training programmes for elementary and secondary school teachers. First of the courses, Cooperation with Partner Schools – How to use the methodology and the web portal La Ngonpo, focused on using the La Ngonpo methodological manual and the website (www.la-ngonpo.org) in practice, and on the guidelines for cooperation with schools from developing countries.

Another course, Methods of Multicultural Education, introduced the main approaches towards multicultural education and dealt with the ways teachers can discuss related topics with students. A practical demonstration on how to use the films A Moment of a Miracle (Okamžik jednoho zázraku) and Out of Dreams in class and how to encourage students to perceive things from different angles complemented the course.

Lectures for Teachers

The final example of the educational activities of 2012 focused on teachers were 90-minute interactive lectures “What do I need to know about international development cooperation and GDE?”, introducing the field of global development education to teachers and providing them with a basic knowledge of GDE.

Evaluation Meeting

In order to evaluate the current state of cooperation, an evaluation meeting with the teachers involved took place as a necessary part of the project package.

Public Debates and Screenings

As La Ngonpo II tries to involve not only teachers but also general public, several public debates took place in Prague, Brno and Olomouc in 2012. They were often accompanied by a screening of Out of Dreams, a documentary made within the initial La Ngonpo project, portraying lives, dreams and hopes of two teenage boys from India and the Czech Republic.

La Ngonpo Information Centre

La Ngonpo Information Centre has been an inseparable part of the project and has been supporting activities based on the La Ngonpo project and its outputs. It serves as an information and a backup centre for teachers who decide to use the La Ngonpo methodology. The staff helps teachers solve problems related to the project and they encourage active involvement of both teachers and students. The Centre is responsible for website and Facebook updates, press releases, PR and the La Ngonpo Newsletter.

Partnership with schools in Nepal

Getting altogether seven schools from yet another developing country, Nepal, involved
into the La Ngonpo project was a major success of 2012. A Nepali organization Sano Paila became the regional coordinator of the La Ngonpo project and it organized two successful trainings for local teachers in conjunction with Multicultural Centre Prague.

La Ngonpo II in 2013 and 2014

Our plans for the upcoming years include extending the offer of educational programmes by courses focussing on stereotypes and prejudice based on the Our Little Stereotypes methodology.

The courses will be aimed primarily at schools and teachers involved in the partnerships with Indian or Nepali schools that use the La Ngonpo methodological manual. However, in case there are places still available, the courses will be open to others interested in the topic as well. You can find updated information on www.la-ngonpo.org in “Actualities”.

The three-year “Comprehensive GDE Training for Teachers“ project, La Ngonpo II, is being realized with the support of Czech Development Agency within the Development Cooperation Programme of the Czech Republic.

Our Little Stereotypes: Through Intercultural Education and Experiential Learning towards Tolerance

The Multicultural Centre Prague as its main coordinator has two partners in this project: INEX – Association for Voluntary Activities and AFS – Intercultural Programs. The project started in June 2010.

Our aim is to contribute to the prevention of xenophobia and racism among vocational schools students using methods of intercultural education and experiential learning.  The project involves students and teachers from 5 regions of the Czech Republic (Central Bohemia Region, South Bohemian Region, Pilsen Region, Region of Karlovy Vary, Region of Hradec Králové). It offers the students direct contact with their peers with a different cultural background (foreigners, members of ethnic minorities).

We have developed an original educational programme which can be divided into 4 parts:

  • Intercultural Seminar
  • Cycle of Intercultural Workshops
  • Experiential Training
  • Miniworkcamp

The Intercultural Seminar and the Cycle of Intercultural Workshops are intended for school classes whereas at the Experiential Training and the Miniworkcamp individual students participate voluntarily.

In this programme students have an opportunity to experience their own attitude towards norms and difference, to think about life in a culturally diverse society, about their own values, the role of media, stereotypes and other topics.

The project offers also seminars for teachers - about intercultural education in general and this project’s methodology in particular.

The internet portal stereotypek.mkc.cz provides detailed information about the project.

Duration of the project: June 2010 – May 2013

The project is funded by the European Social Fund and the national budget of the Czech Republic through the operational program Education for competitiveness.

The main coordinator:
Jitka Štefková
phone number: (+420) 296 325 346
e-mail: projekt@mkc.cz


La Ngonpo

La Ngonpo project was a three-year Czech-Indian educational project between 2010 and 2012 which focused on multicultural and global development education, raising public awareness of development issues, while supporting partnerships of schools. La Ngonpo means Blue Pass in Ladakhi, a language used by people in the north of India. For us, the Blue Pass is a metaphor relating to a place where people from different parts of the world can meet and learn about each other as well as to get to know themselves better.

The idea of the project itself originated in Ladakh, a remote area in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Ladakh is also a home to most of the schools we cooperate with. During the three years of the project, we gained a lot of experience, feedback and ideas how to improve it. In 2012 we introduced this model of cooperation also in seven Nepali schools, and we would like more schools to get involved. Thanks to the unique methodology, which can be used in Social Sciences, English, Geography or Arts classes anywhere in the world, various schools can become partners, including those from the same country.

Exchanging messages with friends from an exotic country has never been the main goal of the project. It aimed instead at giving students the opportunity to compare their answers to questions concerning global issues or interpersonal relations with their peers from a different part of the world. The fact that the project has enabled many internet friendships to be made is just the icing on the cake.

Should you be interested in participating in the project, do not hesitate to contact the coordinator of educational project Romana Vylitová (projects@mkc.cz). For more information, please go to: www.la-ngonpo.org

Publications related to the project:

La Ngonpo Methodology. Multicultural and Global Education Methodology for Partnership of Schools

Out of Dreams, a documentary film

La Ngonpo Diary – Who We´ve Met in the Blue Pass

La Ngonpo: Outputs Database
La Ngonpo: Outputs Database serves as a complementary material to the La Ngonpo Project presenting outputs of Czech, Ladakhi and Nepali partner schools; it’s available for teachers to use in La Ngonpo lessons or for whoever is interested in what has been created by children from different cultural environments.

Video from the opening of the exhibition in Plzeň (in Czech).
Video from the opening of the exhibition  in Prague (in Czech).
Video from the opening of the exhibition  in Leh and from Ladakhi schools. – hypertext to be added

La Ngonpo Newsletter – find the latest newsletter on www.la-ngonpo.org, in “Actualities”

A special thank you goes to all the volunteers, trainees and partners of the project!

Partners of the Project:

NaZemi - společnost pro Fair Trade (OnEarth – Society for Fair Trade) - creation and evaluation of the methodology
Modrý kámen, základní článek Hnutí Brontosaurus (Blue Stone, member of the Brontosaurus Movement – volunteers in India
Fundacja Nowa Ameryka (New America Foundation) – documentary film and film workshop
Moravian Mission School of Leh - partner school in Ladakh, India
SECMOL - partner school in Ladakh, India

For more information, please go to: www.la-ngonpo.org

The project was realized with the financial support of the EU. The contents of the project are the sole responsibility of Multicultural Center Prague and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union. The project was also supported by Czech Development Agency within the Development Cooperation Programme of the Czech Republic.

The coordinator of the project:
Romana Vylitová (projects@mkc.cz)