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Declaration of accessibility

Web pages www.mkc.cz are trying to be easily accessible and operational.
Web pages are made according to Czech rules of creating a public website .
They meet main rules of accessibility according to WCAG 1.0  methodology and Blind Friendly Web  - Blind Friendly Web .

The structure of the layout and content is created by structured XHTML 1.0 Strict.
Visual presentation is made by cascade styles (CSS).


All the texts are defined by using relative units, their size can be adjusted by standard tools of an internet explorer. (Ctrl + shifting the mouse button in Internet Explorer). With the exception of recommend this page function.


CCS print style is a part of this web site. All the pages can be printed out without any standard limitations of the internet explorer. (printer icon in the menu bar, or menu File - Print).

Keyboard shortcuts

The shortcuts are valid when using the Internet Explorer of the Windows operation system, they can differ when using other explorers (e.g. for the Opera explorer use [Shift + Esc] + access key).

Independence from input equipment

Controlling the pages is not limited by the type of the input equipment. You can get to the content using a mouse or a keyboard.

Independence from output equipment

Access to the web pages is not dependent upon any type of output equipment - alternative internet explorer, text reader, PDA, smart telephone or voice reader.

Contact the webmaster

If any problems related to content accessibility or functionality of this website occur, please contact the webmaster: info@symbio.cz.