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Cultural events

We host cultural events to introduce to the general public the cultures of different countries as well as ethnic and national minorities and foreigners living in the Czech Republic.

Our events usually take the form of public debates with experts and representatives of the given culture followed by screenings of documentaries and feature films with commentary. We also introduce literature of different nations and organize exhibitions and multicultural afternoons for children.

Thematic series

Dialogue of Cultures

This is a versatile program that focuses on the interaction and blending of different cultures, languages and religions in the Czech Republic and includes film screenings, readings, exhibitions, multicultural afternoon for children and soup competition.

Women between Cultures

This is a series of debates focusing on the position and role of women in different cultures.

Readings about Minorities and for Minorities

Events presenting poetry and prose of minorities living in the Czech Republic and elsewhere.

Through different Eyes

Debates, lectures and film screenings with discussions focusing on current multicultural developments in the Czech Republic.

Stateless Nations

A series of lectures, slideshows and film screenings about the past and present of various ethnic groups living in areas not recognized as independent nation-states.


Exhibitions reflecting the culture of ethnic minorities and foreigners living in the Czech Republic.

Cultural events coordinator: Petr Lobotka
E-mail: public@mkc.cz
Phone: +420 296 325 345